Groceries and non-food items of all kinds such as flowers, clothing, tools, objects for the home, etc., can be purchased at discount stores such as:

Discount Stores

Einfach klicken um zum Store zu gelangen. Wenn mehrere Stores nacheinander angeklickt werden, bitte darauf achten, dass in der Maps App, die alte Suche komplett beendet wurde.

Most of these stores are located in suburban areas, so shopping may require a personal vehicle.

Full service stores, including small businesses, such as:\n\n ▫ Al Natura (Bio)\n ▫ Edeka\n ▫ Handelshof\n ▫ Kaufland\n ▫ Marktkauf\n ▫ Real\n ▫ Rewe

offer goods at more expensive prices, but often also carry their own less expensive brands; however, not always in every item category. It’s advisable to check their prices.

For categories such as pharmacy drugs and clothing there are specialized discount houses such as:

▫ DM (pharmacy drugs)\n ▫ Müller (pharmacy drugs)\n ▫ Rossmann (pharmacy drugs)\n ▫ KiK (clothing)\n ▫ NKD (clothing)\n ▫ Takko (clothing)

Clothing stores offering clothes at more expensive prices are:\n\n ▫ C&A\n ▫ Peek & Cloppenburg

It should be noticed that there are many other clothing stores, as well as pharmacies and drugstores.

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